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Wednesday Night Youth Service - 6:30-9:00 pm

Mid-week youth gathering for students in 7th – 12th grade.    Come meet with your youth group family to have fun and fellowship as we worship and learn together how to be open and honest with each other and as we seek to become fearless disciples of Christ


   Sunday School - 10:45 am Sunday Mornings

Weekly bible study for students in 7th – 12th grade.  Come discuss and learn how we apply God’s word to our lives in practical ways


Sunday Worship - 9:30am


Event Calendar and Documents


Our google calendar includes all of our regular youth group meetings and special events.  Check it out!  (If you use google, click the blue plus sign in the bottom right, to add this calendar to your own calendar.)


Download, print and complete our yearly parental consent form.  Every teen needs this completed in order to participate in events.


Download, print and complete our community rules agreement




Real Life is the life Jesus promised us in John 10:10— not just life that goes on forever and starts “someday”, but a quality of life described as full and abundant that starts the day we give our lives to Jesus.  Life through Christ is given as a gift— not earned— through the perfect life Jesus lived and the sacrifice He made on the cross, taking our rightful punishment for our sins on his shoulders, making a spiritual connection with God possible, and therefore, spiritual life possible. 


The Bible says that we are born spiritually dead, completely unable to come alive in our own power, completely unable to have a relationship with God.  Jesus changed all that…


With a relationship or connection with God, the life that results can be described as abundant.  Joyful.  At Peace.  Full.  Rich.  The best life possible.  That’s the “life that is truly life,” the life Jesus died for each of us to take hold of.  And all we have to do is be honest before we can experience that life.


Real life is also about loving God and people sacrificially, the same way He loves us.  Its about loving God passionately and loving others compassionately.  Its about being led by the Spirit of God, partnering with God in His Grand Plan of redemption for our world, taking His mission as ours. 


Real Life only happens in community where people are “doing life” together.  It’s about being unified in spirit and purpose with other Christians in the body of Christ called the Church.  Its about a life of constant growth where God works in us and through us in the lives of others, and in and through others in our lives, creating and conducting a musical masterpiece with us as His orchestra.  When this happens, we experience all the fullness of Real Life.


This life has nothing to do with circumstances.  It’s not about getting what you want out of life or out of God.  It’s not about setting up the perfect life and being happy because God blessed you with everything you ever wanted.  It’s about being joyful even amid terrible circumstances because our joy comes from God who lives in us— not all the good or bad things happening outside of us.  You can see the contrast well in the eyes of people who are living in poverty and/or persecution because there is no earthly way they should be so happy.  Even during such extreme circumstances, they have joy because the Life in them— the life of Christ— is greater than all their suffering.  Jesus is with them through it all and gives them everything they need.  In the same way, whether we have a little or a lot in this world, we have everything when we have Jesus.


The “Real” in Real Life refers to, among other things, the type of life we should live, the character of that life.  A life that, in the midst of doing all the things above and more, does them with authenticity and honesty, from the heart.   


Real Life… 

...starts with the real God. 

…is possible because God revealed Himself in Jesus Christ. 

…happens in those to whom God has been made real. 

…starts in us with honesty—with God and other people. 

…is about real love—for God and for people. 

…is about real and lasting joy and peace. 

…is about His life in us working its way into our world. 

…is about living from the heart.

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