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Grief Share
Wednesdays from 6:30-8:30 pm

Have you lost a family member or close friend either recently or in the past and feel you need to talk about them and how the loss is affecting your daily life? GriefShare may be the place for you. It is a 14-week faith based program utilizing a three pronged approach to healing from loss. Each week there is a DVD featuring specialists in grief counseling discussing various topics of grief.  There is a weekly workbook component and  also time to share in a support group setting. The weeks are separated into three thematic categories:  comfort, answers, hope. While it’s ideal for group members to attend all 14 sessions, each weekly session is designed to be “open”, meaning a person can begin attending at any time. Members will find comfort, answers, and hope in every session.  It has been said that time will heal all wounds, but that is not true where grief is concerned. It takes work to recover from the loss of a loved one and find joy in living again. Eventually though the insights taught in this program can turn your mourning into joy and begin living a life that we term a "new normal."   There's real relief and healing in knowing that what you are experiencing is perfectly normal. Please consider joining us for this semester’s GriefShare to see the difference it can make in resolving the issues grief has left on your life.


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