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Adult Ministries

Our Men's Ministries activities throughout the year include Saturday morning prayer breakfasts, the Promise Keeper's Conference and annual fall fishing trips.  Men's basketball continues during the winter and spring months and softball during the summer and fall.

Our Women's Ministries has at its core the goal of empowering women to develop a dynamic relationship with Jesus through prayer, a devotional life, Bible study, and intimate moments with God and each other.  To that end, women's ministries offers a weekly bible study, monthly fellowship evenings and a bi-annual spiritual retreat.  They also sponsor occasional outings and activities where the women have an opportunity to connect with one another.


Our PrimeTime Ministries meets monthly from September - June for a meal, fellowship and entertainment.  We also undertake several service projects for our community throughout the year.  The PrimeTime group is for anyone 55 and older, but we gladly welcome anyone who enjoys good food and fellowship.

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